Learn how the Startup en Résidence at Desjardins has contributed to the success of these participants.

Flaresystems Gris Logo (1)

Flare Systems offers smart intelligence tools for financial institutions’ security teams.

Mathieu Lavoie

Israël Hallé

David Hétu

Yohan Trépanier Montpetit

Blocsolution Gris Logo

Bloc.Solutions is a platform for improving the day-to-day operational profitability and efficiency of owners and managers of rental properties. The company has developed a system for incorporating the principle of mandatory insurance into the rental property insurance market.

François-Xavier Ratté

Mathieu Loiselle

Ophelia Gris Logo

Ophelia helps individuals coping with high indebtedness transform their debt into savings.

Patrick Roy

Aifred Gris Logo

Aifred Health uses artificial intelligence to help physicians make the best mental health treatment decisions.

David Benrimoh

Kelly Perlman

Sonia Israël

Robert Fratila

Snyapse Gris Logo

Synapse Tutorat is an education solution designed for today’s families, with no intermediaries and no administrative hassles. It helps quickly identify the best resource to support your child and monitor outcomes.

Charles Dubois

Harbacon Gris Logo

Hardbacon is a financial technology company behind an application that groups all of users’ investments in one location, analyzes their portfolios and helps them achieve their financial goals. The Startup partners with financial institutions, helping them sign up current clients and increase their portfolio assets, as well as acquire new clients. Users can also subscribe to the service directly.

Julien Brault